Extending Grace has developed
effective strategies to provide support,
training and guidance to single moms
so they can lift themselves out of
poverty, to function in society in order
to lead productive lives; Thus providing
additional opportunities for their
children’s future.

Image result for falling between the cracks
Families are falling between the cracks.

• 29%-34% of families in the
greater Portland Metro area
are single parents and 81% of
those families are headed by
single moms.

There are single moms in your neighborhood!

Where Can They Find Grounding?
Where Can They Find Balance?
Where Can They Plug In?
Where Do YOU Fit In?




 What does Extending Grace do?

Housing AssistanceWe provide connections to resources for single moms as well as assist local churches to create support networks specifically targeting single parents.  We are dedicated to providing guidance and support to help single moms succeed financially,  parenting and spiritually.  We are a fully accredited 501c3 nonprofit.

Government AssistanceFood Insecurity for Single Mothers

Single mothers are far more likely than dual parent households to need government assistance such as food cards, Section 8 housing and health insurance.

Child Care Struggle for Single MomsFood Insecurity

• 31.6% of single mom families
are food insecure.

Single Mothers are often lacking reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.

Child Care

Single Mothers frequently struggle with child care amplified by a lack of adequate family support.  The median cost of child care for one child is $1,000 per month. Child care is not an option for an employed single mom.

Single mothers often spend over half of their income
on housing expenses and the cost of childcare,
which typically runs 52.8% of a single mom’s income,
thus leaving families with less money for daily living
expenses including food and basic needs.

Single Mom with KidsLet’s Get Real

Single mothers find it hard to find where they “fit in” and find it hard to find community not just in their community but in the body as well.

Less than 5 Churches in the Greater Portland Metro Area have a specific ministry to single mothers.  Oddly, single parenting touches on all aspects of being married and being single all at once.

Single Parent families are the common modern family.  It is one the church needs to understand and come to grips with; it is not the ideal and most any single parent will tell you that while it is not what they envisioned, it is their new reality.  Now it is the nation’s reality and the body of Christ’s new reality.