The Struggle Is Real


The struggle is real.

So many people have asked how I manage to do life successfully as a single, working mom of two young kids. Truthfully, I don’t manage; God does the managing for me. What I feel like I do is survive with the knowledge that “this too shall pass”. My goal is to not fool people into thinking I have it all together, because the struggle is very real.

Just the other day I was up late into the night crying and wondering how much longer I will have to parent alone. What if I totally mess up as a mom? I never imagined in a million years that I would be where I am today. I pictured raising my kids in a loving home with both parents, taking family trips, spending time in the Word together, praying as a family, having picnics in the park, and watching my children grow in their faith as I held the hand of their father.

However, life turned out differently and I am right in the middle of the struggle. Do I get sad? Yes. Do I get angry? Most definitely. Do I get lonely? All. The. Time. Do I get stressed? Multiple times throughout the week. Do I fall on my face before the Lord with unanswered questions? Absolutely — over and over again.

I am broken. At times I feel weak and unable to stand from the weight of the world against me. However, one thing I don’t allow myself to do is give-up. I am in charge of my future, I am in charge of my attitude, and I’m in charge of how much I am willing to fight back when the harsh realities of this life attack me.

We know time is precious, and I don’t want to look back and feel I wasted this time in my life. I have to take hold of the power within and keep finding the joy tangled in the storms. Joy for me comes from my daughters’ smiles, a hug from a friend, a text of encouragement, a card in the mail, laughter, dancing in the middle of my living room with my girls, sitting down for a meal, coloring with sidewalk chalk on a sunny day, having a glass of wine with amazing friends, comforting a hurting friend, praying at night with my kids. You get the idea. Joy can be found in most things if you are willing to be open to receive it.

The biggest source of joy, though, is knowing and believing I have the love of Jesus on my side no matter what hurricane comes my way. This is what has given me hope in the midst of my tears. He has given me strength to survive this season of my life, and He is waiting for you to take hold of His strength, too. He is the ultimate life support.

Go ahead, let the struggle be real and embrace the hardships with joy and strength given to us through our creator. He knows because the struggle is real for him as well, but through His struggle here on earth came our forever freedom through the cross.

The struggle is real, but it’s not the end of my story.

Rooted in His love,


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